With the release of ZSGO, many creators surviving the zombie-infested island have documented their experiences!

Scroll down to see the journeys these survivors were able to show us!

Want to take a shot at surviving ZSGO?

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This is a ZSGO gameplay zombie survival live stream by FloppySword. ZSGO is an immersive post-apocalyptic zombie survival game. We aim to deliver a survival community experience that will entertain ...for years to come, utilizing both a heavy passion for the genre & the years spent honing our development skills. Can you survive our experience? Craft your story today!


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Taking on The World of ZSGO

Tired of watching these creators surviving, and not doing it YOURSELF?

It’s time to get out there survivor!

Before you do though, be sure to take a look at our ZSGO updates. Here you can find the information you need so that when you wake up on the coast, you will be prepared for the worst!

What’s Needed for Survival?

Just in case you don’t feel like going through the ZSGO updates, here are some of the essentials to focus on!

  • Crafting
  • Shooting
  • Building

If you are able to master these, you should have no difficulty with surviving.

At least, until you come across the living dead. Or maybe even the living… LIVING.

An overview of the world of ZSGO. Where many creators surviving the lands have faced both zombies and other players.

Support ZSGO

Good luck out there survivor! The world of ZSGO can prove to be a dangerous place.

Interested in supporting the game’s development? Head on over to the Discord and join our epic community of survivors!