With your support, ZSGO can be taken to the next level. Here are some different avenues.

The Patreon subscription also includes some great benefits so make sure to check them out too.

Free Options to Support

Of course, there are other ways to support without having to spend your hard-earned dollar.

Come join us in the Discord! We spend way too much time in there and would love it if you joined us.

Discord is the best tool for us to tap into the community and discover what you all really want to see in our video game.

Plans With Funding

The timeline underneath shows a Full Release set in 2027, however, the game will be releasing an alpha version in November 2023!

Also, the Demo is currently LIVE on our Steam page for FREE.

ZSGO development timeline.
Funding pie chart for our Kickstarter campaign.

Discord Community Focused

We have been using Discord since the day it dropped. It has been ESSENTIAL for keeping in contact with friends and building communities. We hope to leverage Discord to keep in touch with YOU and the ZSGO community, helping guide us through the development process!

Click the big blue Discord button at the top of the screen, stop by, and say hi! Or you know… just click here.

Referral System For Saving $$$

So this is a bit of an experimental idea in the works. We are thinking there can be some referral system that would help grow the Discord community. An example of how this could be leveraged is that you would tell your friends about ZSGO and send them a link to the ZSGO Discord. For every friend that joins it, you get 1-5% off the game (still haven’t decided on the exact percentage). This is still a very early idea, so I’m just throwing it here as a bit of a placeholder just in case it does come around someday!

Community-Centric Development

Community input drives our development approach to improve existing content, add new features, and foster healthy gameplay. With your guidance, we hope to serve the best features that make the game enjoyable and immersive while changing and removing those that counter ZSGO’s vision.

We are not only seeking funding to help achieve our goals but also any feedback to help deliver a game that the community will love!


Share Our Values

Even if you are unable to contribute to our indie game funding via Patreon or Kickstarter, if you share this with your friends and let them know – it would help our small team out more than you know! Here are some social media platforms you can follow us on below: