ZSGO development timeline.

Embark on the next chapter of our open-world zombie game with Zombie Survival Game Online’s (ZSGO) future roadmap, outlining a host of enhancements and expansions.

From server upgrades to player interactions and plenty of new content, we plan to take your experience in the post-apocalyptic world to the next level.

Stay tuned for a more immersive, accessible, and engaging journey ahead!

The Future OF this Open World Survival Game

If you are interested in seeing what the future of our open-world survival game has in store, then you are in the right place.

Above you can see a list of different future updates coming to ZSGO. Click on any that you are interested in reading about!

Here is a brief overview of the main topics covered:

  • Upcoming Game Content – These are features at the forefront of the game, including things you physically interact with within the game.
  • Technical Foundation – This is more behind the scenes. Such as keeping the server running beautifully!
  • Enhanced Player Interaction – These are non-physical aspects that players can interact with within the game.
  • Accessibility & Engagement – This is more backend features that help introduce more players to the game!

After reading through, you will have a good understanding of where we are planning to take this open-world survival game.

Remember, we are a VERY small indie team. We are very limited on resources, so please be patient with some of these goals!

Upcoming Game Content

We’re always looking to enhance your survival experience in ZSGO. Here’s a sneak peek at what we’re crafting in the workshop for the future:

New Weapons

A survivor pointing at new weapons that will be introduced to ZSGO in the future.

Sharpen your survival skills with an expanded arsenal! From the simple primitive weapons for the clever survivors to the mid-tier firepower for those ready to upgrade.

Don’t forget about the high-tier military weapons for the chads either!

While we don’t have exact release dates, our team is dedicated to rolling these out progressively to keep your combat experience thrilling.

New Items

We understand that variety is the spice of life—and survival! That’s why we’re diversifying your options.

  • Gear – for protection from all the dangers of course!
  • Consumables – to maintain your health and stamina.
  • Crafting materials – ensure your ingenuity leads to even greater creations!

These items are planned to be integrated seamlessly over time, enriching the game and your strategies.


We know that traveling through this massive open-world zombie game can be a hassle, so we’re excited to hint at our upcoming vehicles! We know our survivors need reliable transportation amidst the chaos, which is why we’re focusing on introducing a bike to navigate the treacherous terrains swiftly.

In the longer term, you can look forward to the addition of cars of course, and we’re even considering a truck for those heavy-duty excursions.

The focus on ground vehicles is intended to keep survival at the core of ZSGO as you move across the land in search of safety and resources.

A survivor on the open-world zombie game jumping off a cliff in a vehicle.

Refreshing the game with new content over time keeps the world of ZSGO dynamic and exciting. Each addition is carefully designed to complement the existing game while bringing new challenges and opportunities for survival. Stay tuned for these updates, and keep your strategies adaptable, as the face of survival in ZSGO evolves with you!

Technical Fixes

In our quest to enhance ZSGO’s stability and customizability, we’re laying down a promising technical foundation. This includes many important additions, including upgrades to server capacity and player-owned servers. With these changes, server owners will be able to provide a personalized gameplay experience.

Server Capacity Expansion

Server Capacity Expansion – A game-changer for any open-world zombie game. We’re on a mission to support a massive number of players, aiming for 80-100 survivors or more from different regions.

This ensures a global and collaborative gaming experience without any disruptions.

Server Enhancement

Furthermore, server enhancements focus on improving gameplay by integrating more powerful servers.

This upgrade is critical for:

  • facilitating smoother gameplay
  • larger-scale confrontations
  • reducing latency

Custom Player-Owned Servers

The introduction of Custom Player-Owned Servers will empower players to establish their private slices of the post-apocalyptic world.

Anticipate a customizable survival experience that allows you to tweak settings such as:

  • Loot Frequencies – Adjust the loot amounts so you can break the game
  • Day/ Night Cycles – Get rid of the night if you are not a TRUE SURVIVOR
  • Player Limits – Good luck. 500-player server inbound? Oh boy.
A player owned server on ZSGO named "Dead Will Rise 3.1".

Mod Support

With mod support on the way, the community’s creative potential will shine, offering the tools to modify and transform ZSGO. We are excited to see the new dimensions this will bring to the game’s universe.

As we progress, stay tuned for upcoming technical updates and enhancements. Your input is not just welcomed, but essential to shaping these developments. We’re committed to creating a shared survival adventure that meets our community’s needs.

Player Interaction

We are focusing on taking the player experience in ZSGO to the next level! This will be done by enhancing how players can interact with the game world and each other.

These upcoming changes promise to bring a greater level of depth to social interactions within the game.

VOIP Integration

No open-world zombie game is good without the ability to talk to other survivors!

With this in mind, communication is about to become a lot more intuitive in ZSGO. After the introduction of VOIP, players will experience the thrill of proximity-based voice chat, fostering genuine human connections and strategic gameplay.

Expect to coordinate with your team, set up ambushes, or have chance encounters that could turn into an unexpected alliance – or tactical deceit.

Forming the Lore

Discovering the stories of ZSGO is as important as survival. Through quests and exploration, the narrative tapestry of the game will grow. This will provide context to the world’s current state and create a better overall experience.

Engage with the environment, encounter unique NPC dialogues, and piece together the events that led to the apocalyptic scenario you’re fighting through.

A lineup of the traders that are in the open-world zombie game ZSGO

In-Depth Quests

Our quest system is getting a revamp. Beyond mere errands, quests will shape the game’s ecosystem.

Knowing this, remember that your decisions alter the balance of power and NPC relations within ZSGO. This will make every mission a meaningful endeavor.

Quests in ZSGO will have ripple effects throughout the game world.

The weight of your choices and the impact of your actions on various factions and storylines.

In-Game Events

Dynamic in-game events will throw curveballs at even the most seasoned survivors. This will offer challenges and rewards for those willing to brave the dangers of a living game world.

From the tension of a helicopter crash site to other unannounced events that will keep players on their toes.

ZSGO will prove to be more and more unpredictable as time goes on!

The world of ZSGO is about to become more compelling, with each update designed to craft a more cohesive, enthralling narrative.

Keep an eye out for these features, and remember – every survivor’s story is unique.

Yours is what you make it.

Accessibility & Engagement

In ZSGO’s journey, enhancing accessibility and player engagement are top priorities. We aim to make the game more approachable for a global audience and provide achievements celebrating your dedication and progress.

Language Support

Our commitment to reaching survivors worldwide is stronger than ever. We’re hard at work adding multilingual support to ZSGO, starting with major languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Chinese. This expansion will not only make the game more accessible but will also foster a more diverse and cooperative global player base – standing united against the zombie horde.


Earning your stripes in an open-world zombie game has never been more rewarding. We’re rolling out a system of achievements designed to acknowledge your survival prowess. Whether you excel in stealth, combat, or strategy, our achievements will highlight your triumphs and may even bring exclusive in-game rewards to the most accomplished survivors out there.

Note: The goals outlined on our Future Road Map are ambitious milestones we’re passionate about achieving. While we cannot guarantee specific timelines, we remain transparent with our community about our progress. Rest assured, we are focused on cultivating the ultimate zombie survival experience, and your ongoing support and patience are invaluable to us.


Unreal Engine 5

ZSGO is a classic new zombie survival game built with Unreal Engine 5, which boasts rich environments, an enormous map, and realistic physics. ZSGO was created by a small team of dedicated game developers out of their love for the genre, and they plan to keep improving the game!

Zombie Game Safezone & Warehouses

As ZSGO grows and evolves over time, we are dedicated to providing gamers with an immersive and engaging experience that truly captures the spirit of zombie survival. Whether you’re fighting hordes of the undead or teaming up with others to take on challenging missions, there’s always something exciting waiting around the corner in this thrilling game.

So what are you waiting for? Join the fight today.

Supporting Our Zombie VideoGame

Zombie Shooter Game Military Weapons Range

When finished, we hope that ZSGO will be a game that can rival AAA titles in graphics, gameplay, and much more. But unlike the AAA titles, no big corporation is backing us in this venture. ZSGO is a game that is a product of the lead developer’s love for zombie survival shooter games.

This means the game is being produced out of sheer dedication and nothing else.

If you love our open-world zombie game roadmap and want to join the journey, please check out the different ways you can support us.

Thank you for supporting our project and reading this far.

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