The in-game map for Zombie Survival Game Online. This map has references to landmarks and points of interest in the game.
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We are thrilled to introduce you to a new feature of ZSGO, our interactive map! This user-friendly and highly detailed map is designed to help you navigate the terrain and get the most out of every moment in your survival journey. The launch date is set!

We’ve taken some time to perfect our new interactive map, and we believe it will enhance your gaming experience extensively. No need to worry about getting lost or missing out on hidden treasures — our interactive ZSGO map has got you covered.

Get ready for a better navigation experience, easier looting and a whole new level of immersive gaming. Keep reading to know more about our interactive ZSGO map.

Interactive ZSGO Map

Our ZSGO map is packed with features that are designed to aid you in your survival journey. From versatile filter options to detailed region breakdowns, the map brings the in-game terrain of ZSGO right to your fingertips.

Map Features

The map includes built-in filter options that let you select and view specific categories – making map reading straightforward. Looking for a particular type of location or resource? Use our filters to quickly locate everything you need for your survival.

Trader Lore

Get to know the traders better as you unravel their backstories. The interactive map includes interesting titbits of information about every trader, enriching the storyline of ZSGO and making your escapes more immersive.

Tactical Tips for Survival

The map not only aids in navigation but also includes tactical tips to help you strategize better. Use these tips to plan your moves, avoid danger zones, and prioritize high-reward locations.

The new ZSGO interactive map is ready and waiting for you to explore. Go ahead, step into the world of ZSGO like never before.

ZSGO developers meetup and smiling together.

Ever since I built my first PC to play custom zombie maps on 'Call of Duty: World at War,' I knew PC gaming would be a huge part of my life. My passion for zombies didn't just stop there—I grew up playing iconic games on my PlayStation 2 and 3, like 'Resident Evil 5,' 'Dead Rising,' 'The Walking Dead,' 'Fallout,' 'Bioshock,' and the 'Sly' series. However, once I switched to PC, there was no looking back; my PlayStations found their way into storage, and my heart stayed with PC gaming.

My love for survival games deepened with 'Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead’s DayZ' mod, where fate had me meet Dev Ear and Dev SuperPoggers atop the triple yellow in Cherno. A simple meetup on TeamSpeak turned into a lifelong friendship. We've traveled across states—from California to Florida—bonding over countless survival games like 'Rust Legacy' and 'WarZ.' Our adventures led us to run our own Rust servers and Minecraft communities, even tinkering with game development tools like Unity and Unreal Engine.

Our shared dreams and dedication have culminated in the creation of ZSGO, our ultimate zombie survival game. Bringing our collective expertise and creativity to the table, we're committed to crafting an unforgettable gaming experience that stands out in the survival genre.

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