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Hey Survivors!

On May 27, ZSGO will be participating in Steams Open World Survival Crafting Fest! This is our first Open World Survival Crafting fest, so of course we have some exciting stuff laid out for the week.

What to Look Out For

Funding Pillars

Kicking off the ZSGO Kickstarter

As some of you may know, our second Kickstarter is launching Friday, May 23, 2024. This Kickstarter campaign will be live for 50 days and offer exclusive rewards!

Above are the rewards provided to backers. If you are interested in any of the above or just want to support because you believe in the vision, click the “Notify Me” button below!

If you can, please also save and share our campaign which really helps our indie team out. Thank you so much!

Like and share links for our kickstarter funding campaign.

Laying Out Future Plans

Another huge release we are planning for the fest is the layout for ZSGO’s future plans. This information will primarily be held in the Kickstarter, however, we will also be seeing Dev Pogger’s first community post explaining more about the plans!

To keep up to date on this and get notified of their release, be sure to head over to the ZSGO Discord.

The heads of future ZSGO zombie bosses.

Releasing the Public Dedicated Server Tool

We are officially publishing the dedicated server tool to Steam! This will allow survivors to host servers on their machines! We have been beta testing for this tool the last few weeks and believe it is ready to go! If you are interested in hosting your own server with custom world settings, be sure to check out our dedicated server documentation here.

How to Support

The Steam Open World Survival Crafting Fest is right around the corner! If you’re interested in the rewards for contributors or future plans laid out in the campaign, click here to get notified when it launches!

We will keep y’all updated on any funding advancements for project ZSGO!

Thank you again x3!

Howdy survivors!
I'm Dev Ear and I mainly handle the gameplay loop, web development, and Discord! I have also been surviving online FPS games for 10+ years. I have probably briefly touched every survival fps game you can think of.
The current survival fps drought means that it’s time for our team to step in and create what everyone has been waiting for!
Besides game development, I like making music and every now and then touching some grass. Since release, it's been nothing but ZSGO however. Can't wait to see what the game evolves into!
See you all in ZSGO!

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