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ZSGO development is in full swing, and our amazing developer Jest spends every minute of his life trying to create the best Zombie Shooter. In this blog post, we’d like to shed some light on the various new structures Jest has added to the map; this makes the map feel full of points of interest.

But before we jump into the development progress of the map, let’s take a look at one of the most important features of the game, which is building structures to keep the zombies off your land.

Building System

This goes without saying, but just like many other sandbox games out there, ZSGO also tries to use the resource gathering formula when it comes ot building structures, i.e., you have to wander the world looking for resources that you can then use to build a base that will keep you safe at night and even days at some point.

Materials & Tools

Wood will be one of the most abundant materials on the map, and you can use it to build a cool-looking house, as shown in the image below.

As you can see, our player has a hammer in his hand, which he uses to build a house. There are various different ways you can make a house. The devs are trying to keep the systems for building as vague as possible so that player has freedom over what kind of building he wants to make.

Point of interest & Map Updates

In this section, we will show off some of the latest images for developing the map. As mentioned earlier, we’re trying to add many points of interest. This is a zombie-infested world, but it once was used by humans like us to live, so these buildings might be abandoned, but they still have a lot of loot that you can use to survive.

In the images above, you can see various rectangles. All these cubes represent a structure of some kind. The Dark Blue ones represent Cities, the Light Blue ones represent small cities or towns, and the Orange cubes are military bases; we all know what that means. And finally, we have the red cube, which is an airfield.

Map Overview

This is the upper view of the map; here, you can see the paths being laid down by our incredible developers. These are the paths that players like you will be using to traverse the terrain!

First look at the 4x4km Map

The image below is my favorite, it looks so peaceful, but it’s only a matter of time before the zombies take over it.

The outskirts are beaches, where the players span every time in the game with nothing more than a knife. The player then has to progress in the game by moving north. He will face off against a harder nemesis as he moves north and gets better loot.

Our goal is to provide our players with a fun & exciting game world to explore & survive in. We want to become one of the best zombie survival game titles & break into the gaming industry.

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