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Patch Notes

Hello survivors!!!

The v0.4.9 April Patch is now live, packed with new features tailored for the nomadic survivor in you! This immense update includes new build parts, smarter scavs, immersive audio enhancements, trader interactions, and revamped main level designs. Don’t forget to check out our latest Scav strongholds and keep an eye out for the limited edition item dropping soon! 🌲🐻

Update Sections

Build Parts for the Nomads

A keylock and code lock used to secure a base in this survival building game.
  • Build parts for taking over houses.
  • Build parts for camping in the woods.
  • Giant Stone walls? (not too nomadic, but still cool).
  • A big bear rug!
  • Pineapples! Or a sneaky stash? You decide.


  • Increased shooting speed and damage.
  • Built upon existing logic to increase their detection IQ.
  • Several new Scav Strongholds added!
A radio in Zombie Survival Game Online that plays various tunes.


  • New Backtrack Music!
  • Assigned more sounds to work with the settings audio sliders.
  • No Geiger Counter will play when in cover now.


  • Quests now persist after death.
  • Quests now unlock purchasable items from traders.
  • Removed vendor items that can be found elsewhere.
  • Other market changes & economic balances.
A lineup of the traders that are in the open-world zombie game ZSGO

Main Level

  • New MainLevel road work & street infrastructure.
  • Infinite trees are fixed (hopefully).
  • Made nav mesh cover more tiles so zombies don’t lose aggro as much.

New Zombie Types

  • Fast & Slow Types.
  • Many other unique types spawn certain items & in specific areas (Police stations will now spawn cops & prisoners with specific loot).
  • Zeds can now open doors from the back side.
  • Added more zombie spawn points.


  • Tiered out melee weapon damage.
  • Added 2 new melees!
The ownership box in ZSGO that is used to define your plot of land in the open world.

Fixed Exploits

  • Ownership box in stairs.
  • Bagged greens were OP.


  • “No PvE” World Setting now works!
  • Repair bench now saves what’s in it!
  • Zombies can no longer spawn within the Ownership sphere (again)!
  • Build part bag on the ground only spawns if something is in the bench’s inventory.
  • Crafting Recipes Changes
  • Radiation Zones Rework (Depending on what zone you’re in)

Many changes are coming over the next month or two. This includes transitioning to Unreal Engine 5.3, continuing to improve our dedicated servers, and welcoming new members to the ZSGO team! It’s an exciting time and we can’t wait to see what the future holds!

We also have a limited edition item coming out soon, only 25 are going to be made. More info on that later. Wink wink! 😉

Good luck out there survivors! Join the fray and share your experiences and feedback with the community on our official ZSGO Discord!

Stay vigilant and thrive in the wasteland!!!

Greetings Survivors, my name is Albin. But you can call me
yellow 51, or simply yellow. I have been an avid PC gamer for
several years, and into programming and software and game
development for a while as well. My passion for the gaming
industry and developing games and software started when I
was around 14 years old.

I am currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science -
Software Engineering, and I have a passion for the survival,
sandbox, and zombie game genres. I enjoy exploring different
types of games within this genre and have spent countless
hours playing them. One of my all time favorite games, Space
Engineers, was the game that originally got me into game
development, when I started out by modding the game.

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