The Holiday Hotfix patch for ZSGO, v0.4.6.
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Patch Notes


The time has come survivors! 

Since launch, we have received FAR more feedback than we could have hoped for. Thanks to everyone’s reports and suggestions, we were able to key in on high-priority issues and get them fixed up. Weighed next to our internal list, from parsing player feedback and bug reports we felt that some of the biggest issues to address for this fix were Server Stability, Base Raiding/Ownership mechanics, and QOL bug fixes like removing the frustrating gun stutter bug. Of course, there is far more to be done and it wouldn’t be possible without y’alls support!

If you notice any bugs, be sure to Report a Bug
Also, we are very active on Discord, so any suggestions there are huge!

Here are the patch notes for version v0.4.6! 

Highlights (TLDR)

– Removed permanent winter & holiday content, plans for dynamic season choices are in the works! 

– Fixed a bug that would cause the player’s hands to spasm out & stutter while holding a gun that was related to leaning.

– Only the owner can spawn on their own sleeping bag. If you try & set your spawn on someone else’s it gives you a warning.

– Weapons should now require fewer repair kits to fix, subject to further balancing.

– Fixed a couple of issues that would cause server crashes under certain conditions related to players dying, which should greatly increase server stability

A radio in Zombie Survival Game Online that plays various tunes.

Build Part Rework

– Adjusted raiding mechanics to allow for more specific control of raiding methods. Limited Damage to build parts greatly, now only certain tools can damage low tiers & metal tier can only be damaged by explosives.

– Increased health on all base-building parts to make for sturdier bases!

– Weapon damage is now determined not just by the weapon configuration but the ammo configuration as well, allowing more variety & customization across different weapons.  Gun damage was also essentially rebalanced here as well to a certain degree. Much more to come here.

– Adjusted explosive damage & radius to build parts.

– Fixed floating door locks.

– Adjusted the damage guns do to different base materials.

– Barbwire no longer destroys itself or other build parts.

The lamp doesn’t poof when you pick it up anymore.

A c4 explosive used for raiding in Zombie Survival Game Online.

Ownership Box

– Ownership Box can now overlap if placed by the same owner.

– Increased the Ownership Box ownership zone.

– Zombies should no longer spawn in the ownership radius of the Ownership Box or on any base building parts

– If you take over an Ownership Box it will no longer convert ownership on other plot poles, which would allow for players to take over full bases after claiming ownership on a single box previously.

– Beds are unaffected by Ownership Boxes for a few design reasons, the biggest one being that respawning on beds is now tied to ownership as well.

The ownership box in ZSGO that is used to define your plot of land in the open world.

Added Content

– Added the Chem Lab crafting table.

– Introduced Metal Radio & Jimi Radio to the Main Level.

– Added a nicer path up the mountain.

– Added buildings to the in-game map.

– Added charcoal as fuel type for Taint Transformer.

The Chem Lab used for mixing chemicals in ZSGO.

– Adjusted 106.9 Judgement Day Radio to include the Discord shoutout winners & added a new song.

– Added many new items. (Including makeshift rad med, a special shower, antibiotics & more)

For Server Owners/ Dedicated Servers

– Implemented an Admin Menu Toolset with many features including:

  > Banning, Whitelist, Limit PVP, Item spawning, Teleportation, etc.

– Added a server-side kill log that records all PVP kills & their participants.

– Added more infrastructure for loading server settings dynamically from external files into game instances, more on this soon.

Other Reported Issues

– All lootable containers are now highlighted when you try to loot them.

– Fixed all reported spots where survivors were getting stuck.

– Fixed rock collisions on several rocks that were impassible.

– Refined loot tables (reduced spawn chance %’s, added new & existing items to spawn list).

– Refined the bunkers (fixed the doors, made the entrance bigger, adjusted loot, more custom textured signs).

– The explosive crafting recipe now returns the correct item.

– Added the Chainlink trader items survivors reported.

The sleeping bag in ZSGO that allows you to designate a spawn point in this island survival game.

Other Fixes

– Significantly increased distance of explosion sounds.

– Removed the ability to shoot from within safe zones which would still damage players outside of the safe radius.

– Fixed the removal of the buzzing flies sound that would stay in the level after the removal of dead bodies.

– Fixed a major cause of clients sometimes seeing TPosed characters in place of their dead bodies, this should be gone or at least happen significantly less.

For New Players

– Tutorial Tweaks, cleaned up some bug reports.

– Added a Map image to the pause menu in the demo.

– Updated various aspects of Demo Land to include some of the newer content.

Dev Notes

Your feedback is invaluable in this journey, so keep it coming! Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we inch closer to the ultimate ZSGO adventure.

Remember to Report a Bug, if you find one, and Join Discord, if you have any suggestions!

Stay alert and survive, everyone!


Howdy survivors!
I'm Dev Ear and I mainly handle the gameplay loop, web development, and Discord! I have also been surviving online FPS games for 10+ years. I have probably briefly touched every survival fps game you can think of.
The current survival fps drought means that it’s time for our team to step in and create what everyone has been waiting for!
Besides game development, I like making music and every now and then touching some grass. Since release, it's been nothing but ZSGO however. Can't wait to see what the game evolves into!
See you all in ZSGO!

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